Wheat mile

In a world where growing up on Old Wheat Street means you have everything or nothing at all, Teen Wheat had to fight to survive. Losing themselves in the music, the moment, Kevin Fitzgerald (vocals/guitar), The Earl's booking agent Patrick Hill (bass), David Collins (guitar/vocals) and Iron and Wine-alum percussionist Jonathan Bradley (drums) did not miss their one chance to blow 'cause opportunity comes once in a lifetime, 'yo.

Armed only with a publicist and a debut recording, titled Teen Wheat Vs. Old Wheat, out on Dead Medium Records, the group rose above the shadow of the Cotton Mill looming over Cabbagetown to find superstardom. But success didn't come easily. Battles on stage were intense and audiences were cruel. But in the end, Teen Wheat's unswerving pace and angularly searing rhythms left the competition speechless. In the end, the group members walked away as champions with humble pride and heavy hearts; the world is at their feet.

Coming soon to a Corndogorama near you.

"My girlfriend hated it but my boyfriend loved it. He said it sounded like the Hot Snakes meets the Pixies meets Unwound, but he had an ear infection." -- Lil' John, East Side Lounge Boys

"Some chump said Teen Wheat sounds like Black Flag and the Germs, but it doesn't, damn it!" — Darby Crash, dead, formerly of the Germs

"These guys ruled at the GOP's third annual Spring Chomp & Stomp and Easter egg hunt. Metal up your a** and punk junk in your trunk." — Jack Jackson, Fox News

Teen Wheat plays the Echo Lounge Thurs., June 24 (9 p.m. $10) and the Earl Sat., June 26 (7pm. $5).