Allnight June 24 2004

A quick guide to what’s happening in nightlife each week

Play hard

Pride festivities in Atlanta take off at the Mark on Thurs., June 24, with WORK ... HARD, a party that lovingly, pulsingly threatens to last long into your night. Featuring the sounds of DJ Andre Xcellent, House Diva Chili and headliner David Knapp, this kickoff party will certainly help get your Pride week swerve on and keep those expectations high.

$15. 9 p.m. The Mark, 79 Poplar St. 678-904-0050.

(Steve Yockey)

Filtration system

Techno’s founders rested on hopeful tones produced from excessive experimentation, and L.A.’s JOHN TEJADA understands that well. One of several American producers bringing electronica’s origins back with laptop explorations, Tejada’s prolific output includes IDM, house and post-rock. The son of an opera singer and a conductor, Tejada’s luminal electronics and gritty bass-entrenched acoustics blend into one. Like many grouped into the “tech-house” category, he makes techno sound good again. Thurs., June 24, Tejada will be at MJQ for FILTER, presented by XLR8R magazine, Late Night Essentials and local crew Lifeform Project.

$5-$10. 10 p.m. MJQ/Drunken Unicorn, 736 Ponce de Leon Ave. 404-870-0575.

(Andrew Jones)

Adults gone wild

Prepare for sensory overload as Groove Essentials puts on the biggest, baddest extravaganza since Fonzi jumped the shark. On Sat., June 26, eleven50 will be transformed into some sort of insane circus for BOHEMIAN DEBAUCHERY, a theatrical party with music from DJs Kevin and Kemit, visual art from Frank the Stimulator, culturally themed rooms and erotic performances. Yes, erotic performances. This ain’t just another sweaty night out at the club looking for action that isn’t there. This is a night of sin and skin, so don’t spend another Saturday at home surfing the IMDB. Go out and git ya some.

$15-$100. 9 p.m. eleven50, 1150-B Peachtree St., 404-874-0428. (Andrew Stewart)

Beer (and a half) me

Up until July 1, beers sold in Georgia had to contain 6 percent alcohol or less. But come the midway point in the annum 2004, we Georgians, proud owners of the lowest SAT scores in the nation, will be granted the opportunity to drink beer with up to 14 percent alcohol. And getting a jump on the competition for serving these high-powered brews is the nearly OTP Five Seasons Brewing Company. The establishment is inviting all in for a MIDNIGHT CHRISTENING/ EMPTYING of several kegs Wed., June 30. A triple fermented Beligian beer, Flander’s Golden Ale and a Wee Heavy Scotch Ale will be included in the smorgasbord that’s been patiently ripening since November. It’s a buck for each two-ounce serving, and designated drivers are encouraged, though taxi service will be available for the sloppy and unprepared. Five Seasons has also flown in some guest kegs from Weyerbacher Brewing in Pennsylvania, Dogfish Head in Delaware, and Avery in California. This could give a whole new ugliness to “beer before liquor never sicker.” No word yet on how it will affect SAT scores.

No cover. 10 p.m. Five Seasons Brewing Company, 5600 Roswell Road. 404-255-5911. (Nikhil Swaminathan)