Chic lit summer

Every summer, I stop drinking red wine in favor of a crisp, cold white. I up my tequila intake in the form of margaritas. I swap bowls of carb-laden pasta for fresh, colorful salads. And each and every summer, I put down whatever heavy intellectual book I am reading in exchange for trashy, heady novels. For fashion's sake, I will be spending this summer catching up on the stylish novels that have been popping up over the last few years. I can't think of a better way to spend long, hazy days by the pool (or better yet, the beach) than by indulging in one of these no-brainer gems.

First, and the most recently published of the lot, is Bergdorf Blondes. Written by real life Vogue editor and gal-about-town Plum Sykes, Bergdorf Blondes is the tale of a fashionista looking for love, and just as important, the perfect pair of jeans. The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger follows college grad Andrea Sachs to New York, where she gets an assistant's position at a powerful fashion magazine. Unfortunately, she has the boss from hell and must decide if her career in fashion is worth losing her soul. Gripping.

Brit Sophie Kinsella authored the Shopaholic series: Its main character, Rebecca Bloomwood, works for a financial magazine but can't seem to get a handle on her own finances. Becky is afflicted with the disease of shopping. She simply cannot stop. And lastly, if it's suspense you want, pick up the latest by Sue Margolis. Apocalipstick is the riveting tale of Rebecca Fine, a beauty columnist who stumbles upon some scandalous information about an anti-wrinkle cream.

Apply an even layer of SPF (preferably tinted to give you a jump-start glow), don a stylish straw hat, cool shades and a tinted lip balm (also containing SPF) and prepare to soak up some fashionable literary fun, as well as a healthy dose of sun.

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