Allnight August 19 2004

A quick guide to what's happening in nightlife each week

The wonder of bras

The single life can be so lonely. Boo hoo. Or you can get off your prude ass for some sexy intermingling when 99X hosts NAUGHTY NIGHT on AUG. 20. The dress code is simple: Ladies, rock your hottest lingerie, and gents, sport your dapperest PJs. The mantra for this evening is "What would Hef do?" To help the flirt-challenged couple successfully, rounds of spin the bottle, seven minutes in heaven, and truth or dare will be played. Of course, if you're bold enough to walk from car to club in your skivvies, you shouldn't need the games to get a little play. I'm just saying. $10. 9 p.m. Compound, 1008 Brady Ave. 404-872-4621. www.99x.com. — Heather Kuldell

Respect the thumb

After watching the Democratic National Convention a little while ago, I've decided only two people are allowed to use the Bill Clinton Thumb. You know what I'm talking about — that weird, not quite a thumbs-up gesture that the former president uses to punctuate sentences as if to say, "Everything's going to be all right." John Kerry and no, not even John Edwards can pull it off — they'll have to come up with their own moves. It's a move reserved only for Billy, and his best impersonator, DARRELL HAMMOND. The "Saturday Night Live" master of impressions brings his thumb to town AUG. 20-22. $30. Fri.-Sat., 8 and 10 p.m.; Sun., 8 p.m. Punchline, 280 Hildebrand Drive. 404-252-LAFF. www.punchline.com. — HK

Package inspectors

It used to be that women had a raw deal on the sex-object front. Ah ha! Not so in today's culture of men's beauty, which embraces the exploitation of women and men equally. To this end, B.E. Productions presents THE ATLANTA HUNK CONTEST on AUG. 21. A group of "sexy" men are all clamoring to be the most renowned stud in Atlanta. DJ Kim Crawford spins in and around the show. What more could you ask for! "Will there be a talent portion?" you ask. I don't think so. But the Miss America pageant isn't even televising talent anymore. No one cares. There will be ridiculously attractive men, however, complimentary pre-show drinks by 3 Vodka, and judges from all sorts of Atlanta media, from the likes of Melissa Carter of Q100 to Creative Loafing's own Heather Kuldell. Heather knows hunks. She'll suss out the hottest one in two shakes of a dog's tail. Let me break it down for you: Saturday night. Eleven50. The objectification of men is fun. Go. Plus, a portion of the proceeds benefits AID Atlanta. $10. 7 p.m. (doors). Eleven50, 1150-B Peachtree Road. 404-874-0428. www.eleven50.com. — Steve Yockey

Truth prevails

This Thursday night, the Electra lounge plays host to a new monthly event for drinking, dancing and mixing appropriately labeled LURE. Resident DJs J-Luv, Kevin O. and Rachael will all be on hand to get you nice and groovy once you're nice and tipsy. Just remember, Electra lounge is a nonsmoking trendy place. Alcohol is the only addictive substance allowed inside. You have to leave your lung-killing habit on the sidewalk. But Filter Music will be giving away free stuff! So sublimate those nicotine fits with free stuff! In all fairness, free stuff fixes everything. 9 p.m. Electra, 3081 E. Shadowlawn Ave. 404-MARTINI. www.electralounge.com. — SY