Vote with style!

Every four years, politics comes back into fashion, but it has been a long time since it has been met with such enthusiasm. From photographer David LaChapelle's avant-garde public service announcements to organizations like MTV's Choose or Loose and P. Diddy's Citizen Change aiming squarely at younger generations, politics is much more fashion-forward than in elections past. And, it's not just about the stars and stripes.

Politically minded clothing and accessories do double duty by being both hip and mobilizing. The word "vote" adorns all sorts of clothes, from Juicy Couture's brightly colored tees to jewelry. Even Puffy teamed up with designers to create "Vote or Die" T-shirts. From "Give a Sh*t" tees by Rock the Vote to message-baring messenger bags, the cause is in the clothes. Show your patriotism in Reason 8's (www.reason8.net) "Got Democracy" tanks, or sport French Connection's (www.fcuk.com) "Fcuk you, I'm voting" shirt, which will be available online later this month.

Of course, the next step is proudly endorsing your party of choice. Fervent Democrats can don "The only bush I trust is my own" camisole and undies while Republicans can wear "I Heart GWB" across their chest.

There is more to expressing your political views than buttons and bumper stickers. Wear your right to vote however you please. And, if you don't want to make politics a part of your wardrobe, remember to exercise your vote in November.

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