Don't have a cow, man

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OK, so there are people who like "The Simpsons." People who think, "What a cute show." People who might casually offer, "Oh, Simpsons trivia might be fun!" Those people should stay home. The Midtown Mellow Mushroom plays host every Monday night to the most severely hardcore SIMPSONS TRIVIA ever! If the competition doesn't shame you, the questions will. Do you know who shot Mr. Burns? So what. That's the kind of entry-level knowledge that would get you laughed out of the joint. Look, realistically, if you know that the dance in season 10 planned by Lisa's nemesis-of-the-week Alex Whitney (voiced by Lisa Kudrow) was ruined when Homer accidentally flooded the school's air vents with cooking grease ... well, then maybe you have a chance. 8 p.m. Mellow Mushroom, 931 Monroe Drive. 404-874-2291. www.mellowmushroom.com