Doin' it well

A quick guide to what's happening in nightlife each week

A night full of Brit pop, indie rock and all those good songs the college radio station won't play. It started at Echo Lounge, moved to Lenny's, moved again to the Masquerade and has now landed at Azul. But the people have followed. In fact, the crowds have grown. They turn out to drink, dance and listen to DJs Rene and Preston spin the night away at what is now called THE DECATUR SOCIAL CLUB. Don't let the unfortunate "garden party" name scare you. Whether inside with noisy dance beats or outside relaxing to the gentler grooves, it's an exceptional night out. And thanks to Decatur's more forward-thinking laws, they'll be doin' it and doin' it till 4 a.m. Finally, a return to truly "All Night" entertainment. 11 p.m. Azul Blue Bar, 141 Sycamore St. 404-377-3311.