Practice is perfect

As former members of Atlanta's defining instrumental math rock acts Purkinje Shift and Moreland Audio, Ben Davis (bass/vocals) and Gary Flom (guitar/lap steel) are building upon a legacy they've honed over the last eight years. Joining forces with Rick Moore (vocals/guitar) and Lee Corum (drums), both former members of hardcore denizens Copa Vance, Home of the Wildcats is a happy medium where cold precision and jagged, emotional tension are one.

"It's more rock and roll," declares Moore. Flom adds that although Home of the Wildcats does illuminate a new direction for everyone involved, the group wields the same songwriting principles for which its members have come to be known. It's the first time in recent memory that Flom and Davis have worked with a band that has an up-front vocal presence. For Moore and Corum, the spacious and highly organized arrangements in the songwriting bring the intensity level down a notch.

Only a few HOTW practice recordings exist. And with each member holding down full-time jobs and, in Flom's case, an 11-month-old daughter, no one in the group holds high expectations for record sales. But that's not to say anyone is half-assing it. "The real magic of being in a band happens in the practice space," says Moore. "Playing shows takes the music to a level that you wouldn't have reached, but a lot of times when you're just putting songs together, at home, that's when it's the most fun."-- Chad Radford

Home of the Wildcats plays the Earl Thurs., Sept. 23, 9:30 p.m. (doors) $5.