Grave diggers

Taking their name from the stain remover, and their plucky spirit from the Ramones (whose song "Carbona Not Glue" was pulled from their first album for legal reasons), the guys in Atlanta's Carbonas assay chunky, high-throttle garage punk reminiscent of the Supersuckers or the New Bomb Turks. Formed by childhood chums singer Greg King and guitarist Clay Killborn three years ago, the band is the latest in a long line of punk acts they've played in since high school.

The quintet — which also features Jesse Smith (Paper Lions), David Rahn (the Lids) and Josh Martin (Beat Beat Beat) — self-released its debut album two years ago, and last summer the band put out a 7-inch on Die Slaughterhouse, all recorded with Athens producer Chris Bishop. He also recorded a dozen songs for their latest, unreleased album.

"We're having a little problem getting the runaround from the record label, so we're not sure when it's going to come out," says King.

Meanwhile, the gang keeps busy touring the East Coast from New York to New Orleans, and recently performed a live set on Jersey's famous radio station, WFMU. Wherever they go, they bring a raucous, fun-loving, no-holds-barred irreverence.

"Me and Clay were drunk one time in New Orleans at my friend's house, which is right next to a graveyard. Some of the graves were open so we stole a couple bones. We took them back to the house, and the dog ate them. He told us that we'd cursed his dog, but it was the dog's own doing," says King with a laugh. "It's all in good fun."