Sounds like ass

The second nutty 7-inch single from those wacky jazz/funksters Cadillac Jones was released recently by San Francisco's Subvert Underground Press, a vinyl-only label. "They're a bunch of crazy bastards into anything really wacked out," says bassist Hutch Renaud. "Those folks are really curious listeners, always looking for unexploited grooves."

One of those "new" grooves is a raw take on a jazz classic. On the B-side of its new "Galaxy Galore" single is a live, breakneck-paced version of Dizzy Gillespie's classic bebop steamer "A Night in Tunisia." "Dizzy created very strong melodies that stand up very well, even when air-lifted into more modern settings," explains Renaud. "He and Charlie Parker really created the be-bop form, and jazz has never been the same." Cadillac Jones is a unique hybrid in the genre, combing the beats and scratches of early hip-hop with the improv-based solos of modern jazz.

As Cadillac Jones continues to connect the dots from the experimental jazz of the '40s through the late '60s and into the '70s breakdancing scene, CJ stands as perhaps the only band to literally incorporate booty in its mix. During the session for "Galaxy Galore" — an uptempo piece featuring NASA recordings, "abducted female humanoids," laser beams and a Bootsy Collins-inspired bass riff — CJ decided to invite some friends over for tequila shots. "We ended up recording everyone dancing in the main room at Zero Return Studios," says Renaud, "And we tracked some bare ass-slaps for good measure."

Cadillac Jones plays the Echo Lounge, Fri., Oct. 8, 8 p.m. $8. Entropy opens the show and Jazz, Space and Bass spins between sets. Visit www.cadillacjones.com for more information.