Make It Brutal

Following the uncharacteristically lengthy Territorial Reconstruction EP — a split release handled by Atlanta labels Moodswing Records and ABC Group Documentation — New Brutalism issues Turbo Record, a 7-inch EP that resumes the group's trademark blasts of short, sterilized aggression. From its earliest beginnings, New Brutalism has made brash, muddy irreverent rock that seems untainted by the prevailing sensibilities of the outside world. From the distinctively scathing din of homemade aluminum instruments to the song titles on this record, which are denoted only by the numbers "056.00" through "056.75," there's an ominous feel to the group's approach.

New Brutalism's biting and visceral songwriting has often, sometimes derisively, drawn comparisons to Chicago noise rockers Shellac, and the influence persists on the new release. But dismissing the group simply as Chicago-style rock overlooks New Brutalism's true personality. Formed by drummer-turned-guitarist/vocalist Matt Hall, of Knoxville, Tenn.'s resident post-hardcore zealots the Red Scare, and bassist and guitarists Dave Basford and Carey Balch, the group's DIY lineage rings loud and clear.

Rapid-fire percussion and a tumbling machine-like pace set the tone of the record. On the A side, "056.00" and "056.25" bleed into each other with thunderous dissonance. On the flipside "056.50" and 056.75" unfold much in the same manner, bringing closure to the grinding and syncopated metal on metal uproar, giving jagged clarity to a brutally innovative approach.

New Brutalism plays Lenny's Fri., Oct. 29, 9 p.m. $5.