All's 'Well'

A Fir-Ju Well's third and most fully realized offering Absolutely A Fir-Ju Well, is a fantastic voyage into balmy and baroque psychedelic rock. Though such overused terminology applies to every phase of the group's songwriting, the swell of confusion, clutter and implied politics makes plain that Absolutely is for real.

As songs like "Guevon," "Tonight The Moon Doesn't Matter" and "Overfed" take shape, there's a vague sense of social and political unease quivering just out of sight. Comparing AFJW's nervous swagger this time around to the druggy and dramatic brood of everyone from the Doors to Pink Floyd to the Flaming Lips wouldn't be out of line, but it's also not exactly on point. There's a Vaudevillian pop plod at work throughout the record, culminating in "Give Me a Rag" and "The Tidal Wave Above." This sort of vague sense of humor and headstrong experimental sensibility plunges the group deep into the sonic depths it has always admired from afar. AFJW has always dwelt upon themes of murk and melancholy, but the songs on Absolutely add depth to the group's dirge. Elements of spunk, unease, depression and a twisted perspective wander in and out of every song and nothing at all feels awkward or unnatural.

A Fir-Ju Well plays its CD release party at the Earl Fri., Oct. 29, 9 p.m. $6.