Tender reunion

But despite the separation, the guys remained friends and kept in touch. About three months ago, Strauss called Jones to ask if he had any interest in playing a reunion show. The wheels were set in motion and now Webber and Cobb will be flying in for the show. What happens from there is anybody's guess.

"Depending on how things go, and how we feel about it, it could be a permanent reunion for a while," Jones says. "But I don't know [for sure]. All I know is that we're doing this show. When we get in a room and start playing to get ready for this show, you never know, something might just come up."

Just what the future holds for the Tender Idols is still a mystery, but a tight, energetic live set is pretty much a given. So fans of catchy, melodically plush guitar swirl are encouraged to catch this prospective one-off, with the generous hope there might be more to come.

The Tender Idols play Smith's Olde Bar Sat., Nov. 13., 8 p.m. $10.

-- Chris Parker