Mike Cohen

President of Quincy EntertainmentMike Cohen, a local music promoter in and around Atlanta, shared with us the five most played songs on his iPod.

1) "Serenade" - Sam Thacker: Thacker has been up and coming for the last two years, and is apparently an awesome live performer.

2) "Magic Power" - Triumph: Lead singer Rik Emmett is Cohen's favorite musician and the band has been around for 20 years! Who knew?

3) "Don't Let Me Down" - A.J. Croce: A.J. definitely makes music that is different from his father's. Cohen says he's an "electrifying" live performer not to be missed.

4) "Blue Collar Man" - Styx: Isn't it nice to know that no matter what other bands people are listening to, Styx will always remain in so many of our hearts. Cohen likes to crank it on rainy days to put him back in the "mood."

5) "Good Thing" - David Ryan Harris: An emotional singer, Harris is another act that Cohen promotes and enjoys.??

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