Radial Café

1530 DeKalb Ave. 404-659-6594

Radial Café, a favorite lunch spot of Loafers, is housed in an old industrial warehouse. Not only can you get conservative "red flannel hash" (a sauté of eggs, home fries, corned beef, onions and peppers), but you can admire the liberal local art on the walls as you dine. And, apparently, take a little trip down memory lane to the '80s while doing so.

1) "I Love Rock n' Roll" - Joan Jett: I don't know what it is about this song, but it definitely makes me want to get up out of my red vinyl chair, hot-step side-to-side while snapping my fingers and swinging my arms back and forth, and stare seductively into a random man's eyes.

2) "Tide Is High" - Blondie: This makes me wish they were playing "Heart of Glass" instead.

3) "In a Big Country" - Big Country: Singing along to this song, I realize the only words I really know are "in a big country." Everything after that is just humming and a garbled word or two.

4) "All Night Long" - Lionel Richie: This was a huge hit in 1985. Go figure that now he's known as Nicole Richie's dad.

5) "Rio" - Duran Duran: Has anyone besides me ever wondered why these big-haired British pretty boys are singing about some dancing Mexican chick???

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