Josh Moore

Owner and Manager of JOMO Entertainment

At 27, Josh Moore is one of Atlanta's youngest music promoters - he's also a great ear for up-and-coming artists. He began promoting shows before he graduated from the University of Georgia in 2000, and his one-man operation has thrived throughout the Southeast in recent years. The eclectic mix of genres on Moore's list of tunes he "can't stop listening to" is just a hint as to why he's a success.

1) "The Corner" - Common: Not so much an up-and-comer, but one of Moore's all-time favorites. The song features "one of the catchiest hooks ever and a Kayne West beat and sample I could listen to all day."

2) "The Book of Right-On" - Joanna Newsom: The combination of her childlike voice and the harp makes this song intriguing.

3) "Man I Used to Be" - k-os: Funky, organic, crackling beats and vintage Michael Jackson-esque sounds.

4) "Acid Raindrops" - People Under the Stairs: "This is old, but I just love laid-back West Coast hip-hop when the weather is nice outside."

5) "All the Same to Me" - Lucero: "Finally, a new batch of sad songs that I just love so much."

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