Spotlight on: Tiger! Tiger!

Tiger! Tiger! takes a bite outta crime with the disturbing cover art for its debut album, Collisions. It pictures singer/songwriter and guitarist Buffi Aguero as the victim of what seems to be a severe, if not fatal, collision.

"Sam [Leyja] and I are big Weegee fans," she explains, citing the colorful New York photographer who specialized in the gritty realism of accidents, deaths, fires and other horrific happenings. "I have this book on car crashes from the '50s that's really disturbing and enthralling. We wanted to do something like that. A shoot that had this missing narrative that made you fill in the blanks."

The image works perfectly with the scattered nature of the material on the album, too. "We're conceptually pretty schizophrenic," she says. "One minute, we're playing three-chord garage sludge, the next minute we're off doing a cello, sax, waltzy thing. So, I'd say that the idea of the band was to have a vehicle for our indecisiveness." She's right: Its sound is spread all over the road like shattered glass and strewn body parts.

Aguero also plays drums in Subsonics in addition to her graphic design duties. The rest of band - Mike Poteet (Dig Your Hole, Frisky Berlin), Shane Pringle (Tag Team), Deisha Oliver (technical director of Whole World Theatre), Leyja (animator at Turner) - stays just as busy, adding to the beautifully chaotic nature of Tiger! Tiger!

"Often I'll be playing in one band and get ideas for the other," says Aguero. "It's pretty fluid."

Tiger! Tiger! plays the Earl with My Siamese Self and the Clutters, Fri., July 22, 9:30 p.m. $7. 499 Flat Shoals Ave. 404-522-3950. www.badearl.com.