Local Music News July 21 2005

Cruisin’ Lenny’s?
Cruis-O-Matic returns from the dead for a show at Lenny’s on Sat., July 23. The band is infamous for its unhinged live shows from the late ’70s and early ’80s, theatrical hijinks, and a seemingly bottomless catalog of Nuggets-style oldies. Currently led by original member Edward Tanner, the gregarious group recently revived the act with shows at Houck’s and at a groovy party hosted by fellow retro-actives the Cherry Splits, who will join the band on the Lenny’s bill. Though Cruis-O-Matic is most famous for opening for the Sex Pistols’ American debut in Atlanta (Jan. 5, 1978), it also opened for a slew of other punk and new-wave outfits back in the day, and even played with Cher.

Indications of Goodbye?
Busy Atlanta and Athens musician Dave McNair (Magnapop, Oh-OK, Murray Attaway, the Indicators) is playing his last show as a local this Sat., July 23, at the Star Bar. McNair and family are relocating to Virginia. Currently the drummer in the Indicators, McNair says the band will continue without him. Come say goodbye and check out the Young Antiques and Sunday Drive Bye, also on the same bill.??