Record Review - 1 November 25 2000

For more than 30 years, legendary session player Louie Shelton lent his smooth guitar licks and production skills to everyone from the Monkees and Seals and Croft to the Jackson Five and Lionel Richie to Neil Diamond and Boz Scaggs. But with Urban Culture, Shelton steps out of the background and serves up a selection of songs that showcase his style and finesse as a lead voice.?

Urban Culture conjures up visions of late night jazz clubs — smoke-filled rooms, enthusiastic fans and tight combos playing the night away. Clearly, Shelton was thinking of his earlier days as an eager, young musician gigging in Chicago, New York and Toronto when he composed these picturesque and captivating songs. Standouts on the CD include the moody R&B-flavored "Teardrops" and the funky "Bugaloo," while "Urban Culture" and "Uptown" — songs that capture the essence of the discreet, creative subculture existing in every city — are universally-appealing.?

Released on Shelton's own Nuance Records, Urban Culture takes Shelton out of the amen corner and puts him front and center in the pulpit where his voice can truly preach.