Record Review - 2 August 07 2002

Pulling together the remaining loose threads of Boston cult band Morphine, Twinemen are saxophonist Dana Colley and drummer Billy Conway, along with singer Laurie Sargent (also a part of the short-lived Orchestra Morphine collective). Colley, Conway and Sargent never pull their parts together too tightly, however. There’s plenty of tension between the intertwining of brooding, bluesy skronk, stomp and vocals. But one of the most appealing aspects of Twinemen is that they’re not all balled-up in a single formula, closed to experimentation.

Twinemen — named after a cartoon created by Morphine’s deceased singer/ bassist Mark Sandman — is like a baptism in a murky river, the sonic waters threatening to pull you under as they wash over you. It’s a river covered in a warm fog, echoing with eerie avant additions like instrumentations on old vinyl.

While the ghost of Sandman is certainly tangible, Twinemen is more than a psychedelic seance looking to the past. With Sandman, Morphine told mesmerizing tales. With Sargent, Twinemen beguile equally, if not more, by creeping less sinisterly, more seductively. They wind a chilling circular weave of red-eye rhythms easy to find yourself wrapped up in. Twinemen play the Cotton Club Wed., Aug. 7.