Record Review - 3 February 20 2002

Sean Tillmann and Harold Martin are highly talented "brothers" separated by melodies and malady. Sean, aka Sean Na Na, performs jangly retro-pop, while Harold, aka Har Mar Superstar, is more abrasive yet cock-sure. But Sean Na Na and Har Mar never appear in public together, seeming to originate from the emotionally scarred psyche of the same Tillmann.

According to "legend," Sean is older, and fittingly plays driving pop to Har Mar's rump-shaking, playa-hating R&B/rap kid brother. Both have a tendency to drip as much vitriol as talent, a fact clearly illustrated by Tillmann's more ambitious, less obnoxious Sean Na Na project. Love, hate and misogyny are nothing new — and neither is the upbeat power-pop that drives much of Sean Na Na's latest CD, My Majesty. Everyone from the Who to PJ Harvey, the Smiths to even Paul Simon, are readily referenced here. But Tillmann impresses more with the sheer ferocity of his condemnations — hoping unresponsive girls get burned by backstage sex, even challenging an attempted suicide victim's right to sympathy.

My Majesty has a more aggressive full-band sound than former Sean Na Na releases, while being as melodic as it is moody. The flash of Har Mar Superstar may make headlines, but Sean Na Na is likely to make a more permanent mark.

Sean Na Na plays MJQ Mon., Feb. 25.??