Record Review - 4 January 02 2002

Miami's Phoenecia — the production duo of Romulo Del Castillo and Joshua Kay — have been kicking it rock-steady since their days as Astralwerks recording artist Soul Oddity. Bridging the gap between glitch and groove with their fractured funk, the pair, along with Atlanta's own Richard Devine, has been running one of America's most successful experimental electronic labels, Schematic, for years. Now, with their OddJob Discrimination — the second remix EP based around the track "Odd Job" in as many years — Phoenecia continue to move digitally composed music out of the armchair and back onto the dance floor.?

Similar to Slag Boom Van Loon's So Soon EP, which featured 10 versions of "So Soon" so distinct it's like getting new tracks by major artists instead of remixes, Odd Job Discrimination's half-hour features Matmos, Adult, Prefuse 73 and others offering tracks addressing a theme from Phoenecia's Brownout album. San Francisco beat surgeons Matmos open with a playful polyrhythmic romp — from finely layered to "Funky Drummer." Detroit's Adult connects Miami's neo-bass scene to the ongoing electroclash, its edgy growl coupled with a friendly '80s flair. Dino Felipe's clicks clatter like change in a dryer, and Atlanta's Prefuse 73 lays down more of his warm, stuttering hip-hop- influenced cut-n-paste. ?

Elsewhere, Otto Von Schirach bombards the stereo field like Mouse On Mars on a G4-powered rodent wheel, and Jeswa (Phoenecia's Joshua Kay) offers the most ambient take on the EP. Overall, another example of Schematic delivering the goods. Not odd, that.