Record Review - 4 January 23 2002

It's not like Manchester-based producer/ DJ Justin Robertson has nothing to show for the last 15 years. As Lionrock, Robertson released two full-length albums, and reworked tracks by the Shamen, the Sugarcubes, New Order, the Stone Roses and others. But it took him until 2001 — 10 years after the heyday of the heady British acid house movement from whence Robertson's sound developed — to release an album under his own name.

Much the way Robertson has stripped away his moniker, Presents Revtone is a more streamlined collection of dubby tech-house and more straightforward four-on-the-floor productions than his Lionrock material. It's more populist pump than the breakbeat ska or the aggressive arrangements for which Robertson is best known. Presents Revtone manages to maintain an unrelenting undercurrent of funk-fueled electro-house. It's a more consistent vibe — and consistency is something lacking in recent high-profile attempts from Daft Punk and others, to filter classic house through '80s production values.

Whether it's the Balearic bang of opening cut "The Brightest Thing," "Everpresent" the electroclash nugget or the syncopated disco rhythms of "Ready to Depart" and "Talk of the Town," Robertson mixes warm melodies with fuzzy memories. Lionrock who???