Rodney Crowell October 08 2008

Sex & Gasoline

Sometimes dropping the golden ring makes one a better person, a theory proven several times over by Nashville artist Rodney Crowell. Since leaving the confining parameters of the Music City mainstream, he has made a series of deeply emotional, honest and captivating records. Sex & Gasoline continues the trend started on The Houston Kid (2001), by focusing on female stereotypes, contemporary political concerns, and the ever-changing process of just living. Considered one of the finest songwriters around, Crowell proves it once again on "The Rise and Fall of Intelligent Design," and "I Want You #35." Recorded live in the studio by Joe Henry over a couple of day sessions, Sex has an immediacy and warmth usually missing from today's overdigitized and Pro Tool-ed perfection. And Crowell is making real music, as he should be. 4 stars

Rodney Crowell plays Smith's Olde Bar Tues., Oct. 14, 7 p.m. $20.