Grandes Exitos

Taking a page out of Barbra Streisand's book, Bacilos have gone on one of the longest farewell tours in recent memory. This Miami-based trio (one part Colombian, one part Brazilian, one part Puerto Rican) had a good run at the pop-charts, releasing a handful of memorable tracks and planting the seed for future American-launched Latin pop bands. To go along with the tour, the group has released a greatest hits compilation that, to some unsuspecting fans, was a rather odd surprise (the band had recorded three previous albums). Although Bacilos made a formal announcement regarding its breakup, the news wasn't propagated as far and wide or as quickly as its two hits, "Caraluna" and "Mi Primer Millón" (both of which are included in Grandes Exitos). The guys are at least going out in style, cutting a new single, "Contigo," for the adios album and they've included colabos with other artists (Celso Piña from Mexico), and some remix versions of other songs. 2 stars.

Bacilos play Center Stage on Wed., Dec. 6.