Bleached: Ride Your Heart

Dead Oceans

On Ride Your Heart, sisters and former Mika Miko bandmates Jennifer and Jessica Clavin explore a more polished sound without shunning their punk roots. Their preferred brand of fiery pop is still of the outsider variety, be it the bass-driven new wave of "Dead in Your Head" or such quick Ramones-style sing-alongs as "Looking For a Fight" and "Waiting By the Telephone." Lyricist Jennifer Clavin addresses the pains and pleasures of relations with the opposite sex in nearly every song without seeming the least bit needy, clingy, or weak. Even though Bleached has a throwback sound, it's not from too far back, and honest lyrics wrapped in an accessible full-length debut shouldn't alienate any of the sisters' punk peers. (4 out of 5 stars)