Bobby & the Soft Spots/Baby Dinosaurs vs. Extinction: Split 7-inch

Die Slaughterhaus Records

The final recording to bear the mark of Atlanta's orneriest bubblegum/garage rocker, the late Bobby Ubangi, is a split 7-inch with Bobby & the Soft Spots and Baby Dinosaurs vs. Extinction. The Soft Spots tear through a jagged version of "Make You Mine," which sounds tougher here than on his album. A loose run through Link Wray's "Rumble" follows. It's a song that Bobby and bassist Mark Nauman riffed on together since their days in the Lids. Here it stands as a eulogy to Ubangi's wily ways. Baby Dino's brand of girly, gutter-pop takes on an unexpectedly sweet façade with a cooing little number called "Coke Dick." A cover of Tracey Dey's "I Won't Tell," also gets a melancholy makeover that's tastefully reserved for these perennial party ladies. Still, one can almost hear Ubangi huffing in disbelief about his final offerings being on the flipside of a song called "Coke Dick." 3 out of 5 stars.