Broadcast: Berberian Sound Studio


Broadcast's bizarrely beautiful recordings always channel spirits from beyond, drenching sullen pop songs in antique production and effects. Berberian Sound Studio, the soundtrack to the Irish suspense film, is even more haunted than usual, given that it's Broadcast's first release since Trish Keenan, the project's singer and primary melody maker, passed away in 2011. Although the Birmingham, U.K., project has more than dabbled in surreal, near-musique concrète song experimentation, the result here is a grim narrative shifting between scenes of nightmarish tones, creepy snippets from the film, and witching-hour mystique. Berberian's main theme is reminiscent of "I Found the F" from 2005's Tender Buttons but slows to a smear, while auxiliary pieces incorporate organ and percussion chants to fill the dread. It's a solemnly tasteful addition to Broadcast's varied discography. (3 out of 5 stars)