This World Is on Fire

Shape-shifting music, art and promotions collective ISP is home to some of the most challenging and intriguingly ragged entertainment currently emerging from the vibrant hub of the East Atlanta rock scene. Two of ISP's guiding forces, multi-instrumentalists Justin Sias and Eric Holder, also collaborate in the avant-pop music and publicity-stunt cooperative known as Elevado. With collaborators Cain Wong (guitar) and Don Dudenhoeffer (beats, sounds), the finely congealed troupe shimmers with an ominous glow on its latest release.

In this dizzy trajectory, melded melodies, harmonious noise, volatile vocals, inventive beats, and – sneakily imbedded in the mix – crafty hooks float amid an alternately tranquil and abrasive wail of noise. Elevado's sonic strike often threatens to implode ("Song of a Purple Man"), only to find splintery redemption ("Ribbons and Bows"). Peaking with the giddy, trumpet-propelled "Hypnopaedic Sunshine," the charred World hurls away from the known universe with an apocalyptic swirl. 4 stars