Georgiana Starlington: Paper Moon


Georgiana Starlington's debut album, Paper Moon, captures spouses and Atlanta expats Julie and Jack Hines (formerly of Black Lips) fronting an indie band that weaves guitar-driven soundscapes with breathy female vocals and earnest storytelling. Unlike many of its contemporaries, the band's sound builds on traditional county instrumentation, such as steel and slide guitar, and not just an array of effects pedals. Lyrically, the Hines embrace traditional country topics as well, everything from love, loss, and the Lord. Highlights include the slow and forlorn tempo of "the Legendary Wreck," the country-tinged pop (from back when that wasn't a horrible thing) of "Louise, Louise," and the campfire imagery of "Moonlight," complete with a chorus of cricket backup singers. (4 out of 5 stars)