Grey Does Matter

Your Job Will Kill You

Boss got you down? Cubicle like a coffin? Stench of resignation and regret trailing you like bad cologne? NYC's Grey Does Matter prescribes an elemental blast of vintage indie power pop for the workplace blues on Your Job Will Kill You, delivered in easy-to-digest two- and three-minute doses. More elaborate than 2004's How to Make Millions in Real Estate, the home-recorded debut constructed by band leader Jason Crawford, the trio now adds electronic flourishes to the sugar-coated din. New member Amos plays a bizarre bass/guitar hybrid and coats the songs in electronic ambience, highlighted by a memorable oscillator solo on "Rake Your Leaves." Some songs are more punk than power pop, though the latter leave the deepest impression. "Summer Song" and "Unlimited Fun Shine," for instance, are all gigantic hooks, sing-along choruses and propulsive beats — after-work commute music that can make clocking in the next day just a little less soul-crushing. 3 stars