Gun Party: Special TV Microwave Computer


The debut CD from Atlanta's Gun Party doesn't follow any formulas, which is both a blessing and a curse. The bluesy atmosphere and art-rock pacing of "Brooklyn Stomp" builds with a walking bass line and dramatic guitar tones that form the album's rhythmic backbone. On "Nothing Like a Sheep to Make you Feel Like a Wolf" and "Man Eater," the group's sound teeters between aggression and insecurity, outlining awkward tension and an intriguing aesthetic. But lyrics such as "When I walked in you were watching channel 9/You stupid bitch I don't even have a fucking TV," on "Possessions," come across like words from a teenage diary. Still, the accusatory swearing that emerges as the peak of lyrical juvenilia is outshined by bold production and impressive synergy in the group's dynamic. The honesty and twisted theatricality that Gun Party wants to achieve is apparent, but it's not there yet. (3 out of 5 stars)