Gustavo Cerati

Ahí Vamos

During the '80s and '90s, Soda Stereo was one of the biggest and best-selling acts in the rock en Español world. The band drew millions of fans to soccer stadiums across South, Central and North America. It was one of the first Spanish-singing bands to record an MTV Unplugged album. After 15 years, the group split up and the eccentric frontman, Gustavo Cerati, pursued a solo career.

Cerati's sound generally has drifted away from the classic-rock formula used during the Soda years, and more toward an experimental, quasi-electronica sound. Although melodic electric guitar, bass and drums were present in his first albums, the constant use of samplers, synthesizers and such turned off many of his old fans. His new record, Ahí Vamos, is a return to the original blueprint that made Soda Stereo such a rock powerhouse: progressive riffs, heavy kick drums, and choruses apt for chanting. One thing remains the same, though: Cerati's knack for oddball lyrics and strange, if at times poetic, metaphors. Case in point, "Jugo de Luna" ("Moon Juice"). I wonder what that tastes like? 3 stars

Gustavo Cerati plays the Roxy Theatre Tues., Aug. 8.