Hawnay Troof

Island of Ayle

Remember the feeling you had when you figured out that Peaches was a one-trick pony, and electroclash was a scam that you almost fell for? Hawnay Troof's Island of Ayle evokes the same mixture of anger and embarrassment. MC/beat massager Vice Cooler should have given this up a long time ago. His part-thug/part-retarded kid persona has worn thin over the years, and this brash collection of sputtering beats and noise assaults the brain like an aneurysm. His sleazy and overconfident rhymes on "Two Week Bruise," "Connection" and "Oblivions" come together like an obnoxious Will Ferrell "Saturday Night Live" skit that is completely unaware of how unbearable the joke has become. 1 star.

Hawnay Troof plays Eyedrum with Battlecat and Vera Fang Sun., Sept. 7. 8 p.m. $5. 404-522-0655. www.eyedrum.org.