Knaves Grave: I Don't Wanna Be Yr AARP" b/w "Shitty Sunrise" "

Army of Bad Luck

Knaves Grave's debut 7-inch features two fist-pumping summer jams that embrace the naïveté of youth and freedom from the pressures of adulthood. On the A-side, "AARP" is a barreling anthem of bass-heavy rhythms and sun-bleached guitars, wrapped around a chorus of giddy defiance. On the B-side, "Shitty Sunrise" delivers another dose of gritty, grumbling power-pop, tempered with gut-gnashing, punk drive. Both the songs are fast, catchy tunes with the perfect balance of swift melodies that almost break into a dirge, but ultimately hold together. The guitar walks on the voice a little bit, so it's hard to really glean any lyrical context, but that just makes it easier to latch onto these songs and make them your own personal anthems. (4 out of 5 stars).