KNOX: Here

Last Night On Earth

The latest EP from brother and sister duo Nic and Eliza Coolidge, better known as KNOX, is an undertaking in dream-glitch, submerged even as it transitions into wakeful remixes by John Tejada and Kuxxan SUUM. Together, they've made their own filters rather than using canned effects — imitating subconscious alien forms. Within "Here," the chorus of "Here is nothing/There is nowhere" emerges from a cacophony of birds, whispers, rumbles, hisses, flutters, a growl. "Fault" is darker, slipping into moans and rattling chains. With "Mornings," Coolidge channels saloon chanteuses long dead to sing, "I can't distinguish wrong from right/Because of you/So take me now." The song is colored not only by the past vision of Americana, but the dream-slime of clanking metal and sludge. (3 out of 5 stars)