Kool Keith

Lost Masters Volume 2

Lost Masters Volume 2 is a clever album title, since people think fondly of Kool Keith's early work, which at this point seems to be defined by the period from his mid-'80s freak-outs with the revered East Coast group Ultramagnetic MCs to his mid-'90s run as the misunderstood Dr. Octagon. It is also false advertising, since the album is comprised of new material, which he's entirely written and produced (save for one chorus and one verse). And then there's the small matter that there was never a Volume 1.

That's what we like about Kool Keith, though — he still finds ways to be unpredictable, even when he's still a P-I-M-P and doesn't mind talking about it. His often perverted and always incisive sense of humor is intact, even when it doesn't take much for a laugh (example: The 14th song on the album is called "14th Song on the Album"). As the years have passed, he's been ever more vocal of rap music industry bullshit, calling 'em like he sees 'em. Nowhere is he more scathing than "Can't F**k Wit This," as he rips New York urban radio station Hot 97 and its famous DJs Funkmaster Flex and Angie Martinez several new ones, accusing them of everything from taking payola to taking it up the ass. It's hard to get more entertaining over time, but Kool Keith does it.