Little Tybee: Humorous to Bees

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Little Tybee's second album, Humorous to Bees, is an enchanting listen that's as rich in character as a classic Disney film. Glassy wonderment colors precious and mundane moods in both the album's title track and "Passion Seekers" (featuring Adron), while "Nero" is filled with subtle headphone trickery that spills over with an obscene amount of instrumentation. There are so many layers in "Revolutionary" and "The Wind Will Blow You Love" that neither song settles in the cranium the same way twice. In one instance, vocalist Brock Scott's drifting falsetto perfectly mirrors the violin swipes that drive the song. Listen again and the rhythm section reveals entirely new layers of depth. The refined NPR tone gets old after a while, but it never feels forced. Natural intelligence and whimsical sensibilities collide throughout Humorous to Bees, settling on a sound that's both charming and sophisticated. (4 out of 5 stars)

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