Low: The Invisible Way

Sub Pop

With The Invisible Way, pioneering slowcore act Low continues its 20-year bout of sparsely arranged, curiously uplifting "rock." This time around, the Duluth, Minn., group enlisted Jeff Tweedy to produce the recording sessions in Wilco's studio, providing a chance for the group to find new angles for each song. The Invisible Way actually recalls the band's earliest outings, albeit refined by time and experience; its trusted formula is still central here: lyrically heavy, minimally and quietly arranged, and slowly paced with moments of modest epiphanies. "Amethyst" and "Mother" shuffle along with reserved piano chords and a barely present drum shuffle, accompanied by an intermittent guitar line. "Just Make It Stop" slightly brightens the mood with a relatively upbeat rhythm and optimistic melody. (3 out of 5 stars)