Lucy Dreams: Vivian

Pretty Ambitious

Lucy Dreams' debut full-length, Vivian, finds the group of mostly recent high school grads worshipping the glitch birthed in the broken tape machines, reverb and tremolo that made My Bloody Valentine's Loveless a classic album. With songs such as "Blue Depths," "VHS" and "Death March," the burgeoning Atlanta five-piece combines strong melodies with swirling textures of noise, culminating in a wash of dream-pop excellence that soars far beyond the band's age. A genuine sense of woozy fascination takes hold of the album's true masterpiece, "Realize/Out," which stacks layers of voluptuous, ethereal sounds in a tangled mass of wasted bliss. As captivating as it may be, there's an underlying sense that the group is still seeking its footing. But that's not a problem - not when the group shows off such evocative songwriting, imagination and epic potential with its first offering. (4 out of 5 stars)