Maserati: Pyramid of the Sun

Temporary Residence Ltd.

Jerry Fuchs was a monster on the drums. It's the immediate thing you hear on Pyramid of the Sun, the new record from Athens post-psych instrumentalists Maserati. It's a furious, focused record - possibly the finest one the band has made - but it's clouded with a heartbreaking reality. After Fuchs died last year, in what can only be termed a freak accident, the remaining band members dedicated themselves to finishing Pyramid of the Sun in his memory. It's a concise album - pithy, by Maserati standards, at 40 minutes. But it packs a pummeling punch: "We Got the System to Fight the System," for instance, finds the band building in four minutes to a rousing denouement it was once lucky to find after eight. As memorial and musical statement, Pyramid is top-tiered. Rather than succumb to sadness, the band creates beauty. The closer, "Bye M'Friend, Goodbye," is wildly uplifting, a final farewell to a fallen friend.