Neurosis: Honor Found in Decay

Neurot Recordings

Oakland, Cali.'s post-metal godfathers Neurosis began exploring hardcore and thrash in the mid-'80s before delving into the avant-garde metal experimentalism that came to define the group. Its seminal mid-'90s albums blend gloomy menace, epic post-rock edifices, and dynamic bursts of thunder and throb, and after a fallow period in the early aughts, Neurosis returns stronger than ever. The group's 10th album, its first in five years, Honor Found in Decay features the same dichotomy of bombast and delicacy, but spends more time focused on the lull before the storm. Not only are the builds slower and less aggressive, the layers are thicker, adding color and texture with each listen. The 11-minute centerpiece, "My Heart for Deliverance," is the dreamy highlight. Godspeed on junk with a crack chaser. (4 out of 5 stars)