Palaces: Tarnish


Palaces debut LP is more screamy than growly in its forging of hardcore and metal whiplash, and such distinctions often bring a bit of showboating as well. Tarnish goes there wearily, relying more on gut-pummeling grit and psychedelia to carry the songs. Soaring rhythms and riffs drive such songs as "Waterforms," "Mirrors," "Plague," and "Lightning Streams On Pause" - each played harder, faster, and with more punch than the last. Despite these fiery strengths, Tarnish bears the earmarks of being the first step by a band that's still learning to stand on its own legs. But don't be dissuaded by that: These songs are best when taken in as one interconnected work that caters to all of the brain's primal and deathly instincts. (3 out of 5 stars)