Porter Wagoner


The final years and ultimate passing of Johnny Cash taught the music world a few lessons. In the country-music business, there are still a few old-timers who can deliver the goods, even if the commercial radio stations won't play them. Thankfully, folks like musician/producer Marty Stuart are willing to push for recognition of these legends, and the celebration of Porter Wagoner's Wagonmaster brings another amazing artist to the front once again. Wagoner is a true pioneer in Music City. Best known for his flashy "Nudie"-style suits and discovering Dolly Parton, his music tapped into the darker side of life. And it wasn't all fantasy; Wagoner lived it. Captured here for the first time among a slew of other incredible songs is the Cash-penned "Committed to Parkview," a somber tale of institutionalization. This is hardcore country music, a bit too dangerous and honest for today's radio waves. And I love it. 4 stars