Queens of the Stone Age: Queens of the Stone Age


Thirteen years after Queens of the Stone Age rose from the ashes of desert-rock stoners Kyuss, their '98 debut doesn't quite resonate with the same exotic intensity as when it first arrived. The group locks into some seriously killer low-fi grooves on "Regular John" and bonus track "The Bronze," and the fiery licks of "Walkin' On the Sidewalks" are as potent as they ever were. But the songwriting and performances here are restrained by comparison to the bold moments the group would later summon with albums such as Rated R and Songs for the Deaf. The propulsive rhythms that drive "You Can't Quit Me Baby" and "Mexicola" are compelling but half-baked. Despite these shortcomings, this modest reissue is still a classic album that captures the unrefined emotions, skill and chemistry that would later gel into a truly magnificent rock band. (4 out of 5 stars)