Real Estate: Fake Blues” b/w “Pool Swimmers””

There’s a summery quietude to Real Estate’s “Fake Blues” b/w “Pool Swimmers” single that could be described as haunting if both songs weren’t imbued with such warmth and nostalgia. The reverb-drenched pop number “Fake Blues” builds on the simple interplay of rolling drums, lazy guitars and a voice that embodies a sweet croon and innocence. “Pool Swimmers” follows suit with just as much slow jangle and charm. Like primitive descendants of the Sundays, Cocteau Twins or Mazzy Star, the genius of Real Estate’s songs lies not in any quantifiable skill or adept playing, but in how their soft-focus arrangements coalesce into mildly noisy, totally captivating clouds of melody and atmosphere. (Woodsist) 4 stars out of 5