Roger Sanchez

Come with Me

In-demand DJ Roger Sanchez is one of the world’s highest-paid and most meticulously groomed house jocks to ever have been hatched from the Big Apple’s twitchy incubator. Come with Me is only his second artist album (rather than mix CD) in a 16-year recorded career. Despite the careful release of original full-length projects, this is not the best foot forward for Sanchez. It’s hard to fault the technical aspect of the production, but the songs rarely thrill and tread on house music’s most hackneyed themes. The highlight that proves an exception comes in the form of the parodic “Again,” which hints to the human sense of humor behind the dancefloor superstar image. His new mix CD set, Release Yourself, named after his radio show/podcast of the same name, is a better indication of Sanchez’s most worthwhile talent. 2 stars