Senor Kaos: The Kaos Effect

High Water Music

Six years have passed since Señor Kaos dropped his last proper album, Child's Play (for Japan's P Vine). Back then he was using the alias Kid Kaos. His graduation from junior to Señor on The Kaos Effect hangs on his razor-sharp voice, which has the ability to cut through any din, be it on stage or in the studio. Nowhere are his abilities more clear than "New and Improved" (feat. Ozy Reigns and Lyric Jones), which serves as the album's defining mantra. Crafted entirely by up-and-coming producer Illastrate, The Kaos Effect benefits from Illastrate's singular vision, matching musical textures to Kaos' stylish and unwieldy flow. The dynamic is strongest in "It's Like That" (feat. Ekundayo), "Did You Miss Me" (feat. Binkis Recs) and "Restless" (feat. J-Live). Collaborating with so many voices pulls the album in different directions with each cut, while showcasing a personality that embodies the Atlanta underground scene Kaos has been a part of for so long. If the album has a flaw, it's that "Girls Rock Too" comes across like a junior high intro to feminism. It's righteous enough, just a bit elementary. (4 out of 5 stars)