The Mind Creatures: The Mind Creatures EP


The second coming of Psyche Origami's MC Wyzsztyk arrives in the form of the Mind Creatures, a straight-up funk band; and it's a surprisingly uplifting, albeit less experimental, change for the abstract lyricist. The seed of Psyche-O flourishes in the rhymes Wyz spits. But the rest is an extravaganza of horns and grooves laid down by a live band. "Funk First" is stacked with lines ("The politics started giving me a migraine/so I'm-a flush the last 10 years down the drain") that spell out his frustrations with his former group's unwillingness to experiment. Now free from genre constraints, Wyz's enthusiasm swells in the bouncing rhythms of "Sunshine Super." But the still-brewing chemistry fits him like a new pair of shoes yet to be broken in. The crunching guitars in "E'rbody C'mon" wander dangerously close to a frat-house jam. Yet "Cole Slaw" and redux versions of Psyche Origami's "Wherever You Are" and "Directions" showboat the group's ability to move into accessible musical terrain, while keeping the music compelling. (3 out of 5 stars)