The N.E.C./Jovontaes: Split 10-inch EP

Layers of rich, sonic depth crowd the simple songwriting at the center of the N.E.C.'s side of this split 10-inch EP. A spiral of guitars, hiss and reverb melt into a thick shag carpet of sound with "Old Medicine." "Aria Girl" drags out a haunting and hypnotic rock mantra that mutates into a morphine tribal haze. On the flip side, Jovontaes' "Paradise City" holds a formless, experimental quality as it lumbers like a freight train, focusing on a single, plodding pace where all of the action happens in the periphery. Each side counters the other with a slur of damaged, psychedelic dirge. The N.E.C. side stretches out into the ether, while Jovontaes guides its song on an intensely inward journey. 5 stars.

The N.E.C. and Jovontaes record release show. Free. 9 p.m. Sat., March 7. Vacation Gallery & Boutique, 674 N. Highland Ave. 404-875-4413. vacation-rules.blogspot.com.